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  • You are currently viewing Which paint for painting a sheet metal roof should I choose?

    Which paint for painting a sheet metal roof should I choose?

    The canopy is a visible element of our home. It is an exposed part of the building that should fit in with its style. Unfortunately, the roof is at the same time the most exposed to the weather, which can quickly lead to color fading and paint peeling. Sheet metal in this condition will also simply disfigure its appearance. Fortunately, it can be repainted! But which paints to use?

    Is painting a sheet metal roof necessary?

    The answer is yes, although there will probably be voices that will argue otherwise. It is true that sheet metal of the right thickness, despite the flaking of the paint, can still hold on to the roof for many years without problems. But then it is much more vulnerable to corrosion. It is worth noting here that the paint has not only an aesthetic function, but above all a protective one. Combined with the waterproofing underneath, it forms a moisture-impermeable barrier that protects the material from oxidation. Removal of this coating may result in greater exposure to water, making it easier for rust efflorescence to form, engulfing an increasingly large area. So painting the roof is not a kind of fad, but a key protection of the roof surface against damage to its elements!

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    What qualities should a good paint have?

    Sheet metal can be a difficult material to maintain. When exposed to high temperatures, it often stretches, while at low thermometer readings it can shrink and create bumps on the surface. Therefore, the layer to be applied, first of all, must be characterized by high flexibility. The paint should be thermoplastic, that is, it should adapt to changes in the shape of the sheet under the influence of temperature to such an extent that it still forms an uninterrupted coating. It is good if the product is also UV-resistant. The roof constantly reflects the sun’s rays, so that after a while with inferior paints the color loses its original luster. Ultraviolet rays can not only discolor the coating, but also affect its structure, causing micro-cracks. So be sure to choose quality products that are resistant to the sun. It is also worth mentioning other atmospheric factors, such as hail, snow, the effects of smog or acid rain. A good formulation should be chemically inert and not react with external substances. It is also worth choosing roof paint with increased resistance to mechanical damage.

    What to paint sheet metal with? Ship Paint!

    It is a versatile, single-component, high-strength product. The paint forms an acrylic coating that effectively blocks the flow of water and holds well on the surface of the sheet metal. Products of this class have a high temperature resistance, so that no chipping will appear on the prepared layer. Marine paint is great for covering a substrate previously painted with chlorinated rubber, chemo or acrylic paints. The product exhibits strong anti-corrosion properties, thus preventing oxidation of roofing components. The prepared coating is characterized by excellent adhesion and efficient coverage – using 1 liter of paint, you can paint up to 10 square meters of roofing!

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