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    What paints to paint facades

    A beautifully painted building looks much better than a shell apartment, which still shows traces of plastering. However, for painting to be effective, you need to choose the right quality paint. Not only is their durability important, but also their fit to the ground. Today we will present some of the popular mixtures that are most commonly used to cover facades.

    For special tasks – silicone paints

    The products are recommended for the renovation painting of surfaces that are heavily exposed to the weather. Silicone paints are used in areas that require resistance to dirt and moisture, because the structure of the coating provides an effective barrier for many years. The mixture has the highest weather resistance among paints, as well as low susceptibility to staining. The product is also characterized by the so-called. “self-cleaning effect”, i.e. the ability to spontaneously remove fine dirt from the surface of the layer. Silicone paints will perform well on mineral substrates, as well as thin layer plasters prepared with plastic.

    Universal acrylic paints

    These are products that are very popular because of their versatile use. They can be used to cover surfaces protected by mineral material, dispersion paint and also synthetic plaster. Acrylic paint has quite a few advantages. First of all, it is characterized by high durability and resistance to UV radiation. At the same time, the coating is low-absorbent, which reduces the susceptibility to staining to a minimum. The paint solvent is ordinary water, so application is not much of a problem. The paints make it easy to create an intense color that will tightly cover all the nooks and crannies.

    Less frequently used, but still available

    For decorative, non-full-coverage exterior and interior paint jobs, frosting paint is used. This is a product of high aesthetic value prepared on the basis of mineral ingredients. It is distinguished by its low alkaline reaction and ease of application. The paint is weather resistant, has low absorbency and high vapor permeability. It can be used on both mineral substrates and thin layer plasters.

    Vinyl facade paints have now virtually gone out of use, as they have been displaced by acrylic products. Although at times they can still be encountered. The mixtures are not resistant to fungi, algae or moisture, so they can only be used on clean and dry surfaces. They also exhibit poorer grip and lower durability. The paint also needs to be painted twice.

    Facade painting – is it worth it?

    The benefits of covering walls with paint are many. First of all, we can mention here:

    • Improving the aesthetics of the building,
    • Increasing the resistance of walls to moisture and weathering,
    • Increase resistance to biological agents (lichens, algae, fungi),
    • The ability to mask minor scratches and cracks in the substrate.

    Of course, painting the facade is not an obligation. Plaster and uncovered can last on a wall for many years. However, if an additional coating allows you to increase protection and at the same time perfectly decorate the apartment, is it worth giving it up?

    Paints for facade painting (click)

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