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Training – Roof sheathing corrosion protection contractor

Training 2022 ? “Roof sheathing corrosion protection contractor”.

In conclusion, the team
just returned from a two-day training course (24-25.03.2022) on corrosion protection of roof sheathing(Roof Painting), which was organized by one of the most recognized inspectors of corrosion work in Poland FROSIO/NACE

Wojciech Taranczewski – Coating Advisor

The training was composed of two parts. The first day included the theoretical part, which means a lot of specific, specified knowledge on painting, coating thickness, type of corrosion and many other relevant topics. The second day was the practical part, thanks to the company Pomp Service Tool Center for Professionals experienced workers as well as adepts in industrial painting were able to train their skills in spray painting with GRACO systems thanks to the innovative VR technology.

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