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  • You are currently viewing Tile waterproofing – does it pay to use it?

    Tile waterproofing – does it pay to use it?

    Covering a house with tiles can give an amazing aesthetic effect. Although the raw material is considered relatively heavy and demanding in terms of laying, it is still a very popular way to finish a roof. Despite their high durability, the tiles are also exposed to external factors that can reduce their strength and turn them gray over time. What to do then? Do you have to paint right away? Or is waterproofing alone enough?

    When to paint and when to waterproof the roof?

    Typically, the roof painting process is more challenging. There is then a need to properly prepare the surface, clean it, remove cavities and defects in the structure of the roof, as well as priming the substrate and applying the
    color coatings. This is a rather complicated and demanding process, which is recommended when the roof surface is heavily contaminated. Moss, rust, numerous unsightly discolorations or tarnishing are the main signals indicating a
    The need to repaint the surface. If the ceramic or concrete tile has not lost its original color, and its condition, despite the passage of years, is still satisfactory, impregnation can be carried out. The process will strengthen the outer part of the canopy that is most exposed to the elements and at the same time allow
    cut costs. Impregnation will not affect the color change, but may enhance the color effect of the old layer.

    Is it even worth it?

    The roofing is the main protective barrier for our house. So any measures made to increase its resistance can improve the condition of the tiles and extend their life. So the answer to this question is yes, especially since in addition:

    -impregnation saves money, because by using the product for younger roof surfaces, it is not necessary to paint them later,

    -process allows to highlight and emphasize the faded color of the tile and at the same time restores its former shine,

    -impregnation effectively protects the tile – the preparation perfectly penetrates its structure and protects it from excessive water absorption and overgrowth,

    -using an impregnator is faster and simpler than carrying out a comprehensive painting process.

    As you can see, the advantages of using the products are many, and at the same time the waterproofing will make it easier to refresh the roofing. However, it is worth noting that for this task you need to choose high-quality preparations that will do the job. Defective and
    cheap tile waterproofing will not effectively protect your roof!

    Tile waterproofing – which one to choose?

    In order for the process to be most effective, it is important to choose formulations with the right properties. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the purpose of the product you are buying. Waterproofing for concrete tiles will differ slightly in properties from products for covering ceramic elements. In the first case, it is important that the formulation contains ingredients that fight microorganisms and plants, since moss very often likes to grow on the canopy. On the other hand, with a ceramic covering, it is worth betting on products resistant to moisture and UV radiation.

    How to waterproof the roof?

    The waterproofing process is not complicated, and you can successfully carry it out yourself. Instead, you need to be knowledgeable in the selection of the impregnant and the preparation of the substrate. First, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, traces of corrosion, lichen, algae and plants on the roof surface and other defects. This is best done with a high-pressure washer, which will thoroughly rinse the elements and leave a smooth surface. After the roof has dried, the waterproofing can be applied according to the description provided by the manufacturer. Although poorly carried out waterproofing will not damage our roof, but carrying out all stages of waterproofing is best outsourced to a company that deals with this on a daily basis. The life of the roof can thus be extended by several or even a dozen years without the need for painting!

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