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    Ship Paint 2K- Sigmashield 880 20 L

    SIGMASHIELD 880 – Two-component, thick-coat, epoxy paint cured with polyamine adducts. It has excellent seawater protection and hardens even under water. The paint does not require special surface preparation – it is highly resistant to abrasion. Just one coat gives long-lasting protection.


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    SIGMASHIELD 880 – Top quality marine paint. It has excellent adhesion – also against rust, very good abrasion resistance, Super resistant to corrosion, salt and water penetration. Used for painting steel surfaces, undercarriages of cars, trailers, semi-trailers, heavy construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. Can be applied by roller, brush, as well as hydrodynamic and air spray. Just one coat is enough to provide long-lasting protection.

    This product is intended for professional use only. Applicators and operators should be trained, experienced and have the capability and equipment to mix/mix and properly apply coatings according to Sigma’s technical documentation. During work, applicators and operators should use appropriate personal protective equipment. These guidelines are given based on current product knowledge. All suggested deviations according to site conditions should be forwarded to the responsible Sigma representative for approval before work begins. Please pay attention to the warnings on the container. Use under well-ventilated conditions. Do not inhale product vapor or mist. Avoid contact behind the skin. Skin contamination should be immediately rubbed with a suitable cleanser,soap and water. Rinse eyes with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.

    ✔ Remember! Make an informed decision before you buy, most of the paints in our store are machine-colored! According to the store’s terms and conditions, paints pigmented in this way are not returnable or exchangeable. The products are dyed to your order, Please purchase thoughtfully.

    Additional information

    • Brand

    • Shipment

      1-2 days
    • Type of paint

      Epoxy paint
    • Application

      Roller, brush, spray
    • Performance

      4,3 m2/l for 200 μm
    • Mating

      Very Good
    • Finish

    • Recommended thinner

      Sigma 91-92
    • Dry to recoat time

    • Dry cover thickness

      150 - 1000 μm - w zależności od systemu
    • Capacity

      20 L (Farba + utwardzacz)
    • Solid content

      85 ± 2%
    • Parts amount

    • Weight

      30 kg
    • Usage

      Marine industry, Land industry


    Technical Card – Sigmashield 880 (download)

    Safety Data Sheet – Sigmashield 880 (download)


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