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  • You are currently viewing Cleaning the roof from moss – how much does it cost? And how to conduct them yourself?

    Cleaning the roof from moss – how much does it cost? And how to conduct them yourself?

    Moss-covered roofs have their own mysterious charm. In film productions, such a view often appears and adds to the storyline. Unfortunately, in real life, a roof with green sheathing is often not welcome. Overgrown moss reduces aesthetic value, and can also contribute to slow damage to the structure of the roofing. How to get rid of it? Is it better to do it yourself or hire a company? And how much will it cost?

    Moss removal needs its price

    • Costs for roof cleaning can vary. It is impossible to clearly determine the rate without taking into account several factors, such as:
    • The area of the roof and the complexity of its construction,
    • The degree of moss coverage – if the plants are just beginning to expand, the cost will be lower. On the other hand, roofing with dense sheathing will require higher labor and costs,
    • type and age of roofing – if you want to remove moss from long-standing concrete tiles, which may have reduced strength, the cost of the service can be much higher,
    • the possibility of using chemicals – some customers do not want such solutions, which makes the work more difficult,
    • individual requirements of companies, related to the issues of the location of the roof to be cleaned, and the time to carry out the work.
    • In the case of concrete tile cleaning, customers usually face fees of £15 per square meter. Similar prices apply to the removal of moss from ceramic tiles or sheet metal roofing. However, it is worth noting that fees may be increased if the work involves a building with older roofing.


    Prices high? You can clean the roof yourself!

    There are several ways to remove moss from a roof… One of the simplest is to scrub its surface with a brush and special detergent. It will allow to remove not only plants, but mold and fungi that often develop
    under them. However, such a solution requires physical strength and determination, and is not effective with glazed roofs and new clay tiles. Cleaning may cause scratches on the surface.

    Another method of removing moss from a roof is to pour a 9% vinegar solution over it and let it sit until the plants dry out. This will make it much easier to scrape them off, which can be done with a standard wire brush or spatula. While the method may prove effective, it is not good for cleaning painted tiles. Moss from the roof can also be removed with a pressure washer. This is the most thorough and also the safest homemade way to thoroughly clean any type of roof. The pressurized water jet effectively removes plants as well as fungi and mold from the roof surface, leaving the surface fully clean. However, it is worth remembering the right way to work:

    • Cleaning should start from the ridge, i.e. the highest point of the roof moving gradually downward,
    • thoroughly rinse the used detergent with clean water after use.


    Cleaning the roof is done…And that’s enough?

    The removal of moss did not affect the color of the roof? Then the procedure can be counted as successful, right? Not really. True, all plants and fungi have been removed, but the roof surface is still exposed. And because the structure of the roof may have been compromised, it is even less resistant to moisture and weathering. So what should be done? Conduct roof painting with a biocide. The product will combat microorganisms and spores that remain on the surface and prevent new outbreaks of fungi and moss. After such treatment, it is also good to waterproof the covering. This will allow you to postpone the next cleaning, because the preparation will effectively protect the surface from moisture and dirt adhesion.


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